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You do not want to be deceived again and you are taking all the precautions. Ganesha is happy that you have learnt your lessons. The way forward is clear and you have managed to remove the roadblocks. Now there should be no looking back. This is a period of hard toil.

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You set your sights very clearly on whatever needs to be done and you go ahead and accomplish all your tasks with single — minded zeal. There may also be an unusual new relationship with a much older or younger person. This may not be sexual in nature and could veer towards a parent — child relationship. You may also begin an exacting and detailed creative project involving media that requires cutting edge technology. This is new and you could be pioneering a trend. There will be many takers for this. There is success staring you in the face.

Go grab it, says Ganesha.

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There are accolades to be won. You are reaching out to everybody. There could be new international associations and overseas projects. All your relationships will also achieve a degree of stability at this time. This really makes you happy. There are many pleasant influences now and you may be inclined to sit back and do nothing. But you also know that this is a very important time in your life in which you can have new and rewarding experiences.


Your creative potential is also unleashed and you blaze the marquee. Your inner energies are strong and you are full of self — confidence. Ganesha wishes you well. There are many moods to this period. See more.

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Worst month:. What's in store for Aquarius? Astrology rating:. Your charm will bring you success. The pressure will increase. Follow your heart, not your head. Your love life is heating up. Expect ups and downs. Live life to the fullest. Expect problems in love. Passion will enter your relationship. Push yourself harder for success. Put yourself first. Enjoy moments of passion. You decide to do away with everything that has been hampering your work till now.

You realise you need to set some long-term goals in your career.

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Grab the opportunity while the intention lasts, says Ganesha. Ask a Question.

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