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This means, shifting from east to west side of the country one can experience different results.

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This is why sometimes moving to a different can change the luck of the native for better or for worst. This is where re-location location astrology comes handy. But, how do you read a chart through Astrocartography report? This is simple.

Astrology for Moving House – A Detailed Journey

If you were born in New Delhi with the map above, you were born as a Capricorn ascendant. That means all your planets are aligned accordingly to your ascendant. But, if someone was born in Chennai or Kolkata, they would be born under Aquarius ascendant at the exact same time. This is because two zodiac signs belt are crossing in India.

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Chart 1. Chart 2. Did you notice how planets changed their house placements with different ascendants?

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Prepare to send PTO FOMO packing with Astrocartography intel below.

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Champagne problems, I know. The intel can provide insight into the best and worst places for you to live and travel, energetically speaking.

So, if you, say, studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia, and felt a new rush of confidence there, it could be because that city lies on your sun line. Then, determine which planet that desire corresponds with and find that planetary line on your Astrocartogaphy map.

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Places on or near that line are said to contain the energy of its respective planet. You may notice that some of your lines overlap or cross each other—for instance, my Jupiter and Pluto lines are right on top of each other. This just means that the energies of both are amplified in the places where they meet, says Dubinet.