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Alan Leo , born William Frederick Allan , Westminster , 7 August — Bude , 30 August , was a prominent British astrologer , author, publisher, astrological data collector [1] and theosophist. He is often referred to as "the father of modern astrology ". His work stimulated a revival of astrology in the Western world after its decline at the end of the 17th century. Leo was a devout theosophist and he worked many of its religious concepts such as karma and reincarnation into his astrology.

He used the Theosophical Society 's vast international connections to publish, translate and disseminate his work across Europe and America. Leo, who took the name of his sun-sign as a pseudonym, is credited with starting the movement towards a more psychologically-oriented horoscope analysis in astrology, being the first astrologer to argue for a loose interpretation of possible trends of experience rather than the specific prediction of events.

Thereafter, what has been more recently called "event-oriented" astrology gradually receded in favor of character analysis and vague descriptions of possible areas of psychological harmony or stress.

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In , Leo, invited George R. Mead to found an occult lodge in Brixton , South London. Towards the end of his life, in , and again in , Leo travelled with his wife to India where he studied Indian astrology. In this book, Leo gave the planets descriptions such as "Mars the Energiser". In Leo founded the Astrological Lodge of London. In , aged 54, Leo faced prosecution against the charge that he "did unlawfully pretend to tell fortunes" through astrology.

The case was dismissed for lack of evidence, but it led to Leo's belief that astrology needed to be revised to be legitimised. Let us part company with the fatalistic astrologer who prides himself on his predictions and who is ever seeking to convince the world that in the predictive side of Astrology alone shall we find its value.

We need not argue the point as to its reality, but instead make a much-needed change in the word and call Astrology the science of tendencies. In Leo stood trial again on a similar charge. After his sudden death the rewriting of his work was completed by his friend and colleague H.

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Indian astrology divides the sky into 28 equal parts the Lunar Mansions - one for each day of the Moon's cycle. The Egyptians It was the Egyptians that first began to foretell a person's character based on their birth date.

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Egyptian architect and physician Imhotep wrote the earliest known horoscope in B. Star charts written by Egyptian astrologers that date back to B.

The Chinese Although primarily cut off from outside influence, the Chinese also created their own astrology system. It was around B. Chinese astrology also includes the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water and the principle of Yin and Yang negative and positive forces. The Babylonians The Babylonians worshiped three gods based on the movement of the sky and growth of their crops - Sin the Moon god, Shamash the Sun goddess, and Ishtar the goddess of fertility whose home was Venus.

The Babylonians are also credited with creating the modern day zodiac.

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Greek astronomer Ptolemy is known as the father of modern astrology. His four-volume writing, the Tetrabiblos, was the most popular astrological work of its time. In it, he described the function of the planets, houses and signs of the zodiac. In ancient times, astrology played an important part in the studies of astronomy, mathematics, medicine and philosophy. Astrologers were well respected, often consulted by those in power for guidance. Legend has it that a bedside astrologer told the mother of Alexander the Great to wait to give birth until the stars and planets were perfectly aligned to increase his chances of greatness.

Roman leader Augustus 63 B. However, astrology began to decline in acceptance after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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The birth of Christianity clashed with astrology as it often became seen as the work of the devil. However, some church figures, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, played an important part in the history of astrology, believing that the celestial bodies controlled everything and by the time of the Renaissance, astrology had become popular again.

Astrology in America Over the years, the popularity of astrology has risen and fallen many times.

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The rises tend to occur during periods where people are looking outside the norm for answers to questions relating to life and spirituality. The falls are due primarily to astrology often being linked with the occult. The United States saw a renewal of interest in astrology at the turn of the 20th century. Alan Leo's The Astrologer's Magazine was quite popular, helping spread the practice of astrology. Many of his books, still used today, were the first to explain astrology so the layman could easily understand it.

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Evangeline Adams is known as the "first American astrologer. She also had a very popular astrology radio program during the 's that helped gain converts. The s and s saw another rebirth of interest in astrology as people, especially the young adults of the day, were looking for an alternative to mainstream religion. The whole counterculture era helped promote sciences such as astrology and the period is often referred to as the "New Age Movement. Today, many people use astrology for guidance in such areas as business, politics, sports, and even health.

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