Sagittarius horoscope today october 28 2019

This month, your relationships are where you'll be expending most of your energy whether it's teaming up with those that fuel you or being pushed to address any problems or simmering tension with others.

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In some cases you may need to release connections that lack intimacy, depth, or reciprocity. Financially, it's time to get your books in order. Expect your schedule to be packed this month, which is why you need to be proactive about taking care of your health and well-being. Since partnership is highlighted for you now, don't discount the help or support of others, even if you have to ask for it. A beautiful relationship could blossom.

Though your value isn't contingent on how much you do. You're called to find more of a balance this month between your work life and responsibilities and your need for fun. In what ways can you bring more beauty to your everyday life while still performing acts of self-care that involve handling things you may want to avoid?

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Still, joy is a form of self-care. Meanwhile, an unhealthy friendship may need to be released. Love and adventure are on the focus this month as you're encouraged to get out and play. If single, you could meet someone new, while coupled Cancers will be inspired to rekindle the spark.


In terms of your creativity, now's also a good time to engage your passions. Career-wise, you could hit a milestone.

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  6. With family or roommates, boundaries are needed. You might find yourself feeling more introspective and self-reflective this month as your family and your personal life are brought to the spotlight. Now's the time for seeking the emotional nourishment and healing that you need. Look to ways that you can make your home more of a sanctuary.

    Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October, 12222

    Learning a new skill or area of study can be refreshing. Charm and wit are your superpowers this month, helping you to create experiences, make connections, and open doors that can fuel your success and education. You're in the mood to socialize but take care that you don't burn a hole in your pocket with all the events and activities planned.

    A sudden expense could crop up. A catharsis is needed. It's all about the cash money dollars this month, as you find yourself looking to bump up your pay scale and keeping a closer eye on where your money is going.

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    There's a chance you could get a new gig or a boost in income. However, you'll also be pushed to better honor your worth. A relationship could be ending now if it's hampered your self-esteem. The horse is a horse-human hybrid with the body of a man atop the four legs of a horse.

    Jupiter is their ruling planet and the element of Fire is associated with the Sagittarius sign. The quartz gemstone for the Sagittarius is Turquoise. It has a clear energy for communication and protection. The Turquoise is believed to be a healer for illnesses of body and mind. The best colors for the Sagittarians are female light blue and male midnight blue. The good fortune lucky numbers for Sagittarius are female 8 and male 6. Look for your power number, Wednesday, a great day for stability, is your lucky day.

    Sagittarians are truth-seekers. They tell it to you straight and blunt. Their thoughts turn to actions and their actions turn to accomplishments. They seek wisdom and truth in everything they are involved in and need to have interactions with others in order to feel balanced. They have the energy that allows them to achieve anything they set their minds to.

    Sagittarians are adventurous and like taking risks. Their goal is to travel and never stay in one place too long as they are restless and full of energy. They cannot stay still and are easily bored.

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    The Sagittarian has a thirst for everything that is new and unknown. People born under the Sagittarius sign are philosophical by nature.