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Sudipta Bose. Adam Lloyd Davis. Kristina Sip. Migili Djigili. Lucero Toro. Popular in Culture. Cristina Balan. Jaime Jr Curag. Gabriela Tunareanu. Raul MP. Jennifer Jaff. Stop Montebello Corruption. Darnell Brown. Ellen Pabst von Ohain. Christelle Joy Eusebio. Dr Thomas Goh. Carolyn Johnson. Monir Hosen. Dhim Ple. Bruno Dos Santos. Stella Dvornic. Decisions and Revisions in T. Manidipa Bose. Jeff Anderson. Before the advent of software charts, when the lagna degree could not be known, Sun would have been read as sitting in the 11th bhaav and that would have been very inaccurate..

Kindly opine. Hence sun will always rule 8th house and not 7th! Sorry Vivek, I totally screwed up with my last question about Leo being the 7th house from Capricorn.. When exact degrees of planets were not available 30 years back, were the interpretations wrong in these cases?

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Sincerely, Sundar. Cancer asc with Jupiter and Mars Old and modern karakas of husband in 7th 3 deg apart. Dispositor Venus Uchcha but strongly combust. Rahu — Ketu in Please opine. Rahu is taboo breaking and odd. Why does the 8th come under this category? Is it because of re-birth after death? Hence it represents the life force as well. Very cool. You ARE my maaanaseeka guru in this ancient shastra. I hope to meet you someday and make a sambhaavana…. Sri VS: Speaking of Bhavat bhavam, for example since 2nd to 2nd is 3rd.

Vivek, if the lord of the 6th and 3rd sits in the 8th, the results in VRY, however, the 3rd in 8th is not the best position. In this case, is it better for the 6th lord to be stronger than the 3rd? If its libra ascendant, then consider 3rd in 8th as 3rd house is MK. Not really. The 3, 6, 8 and 12 are houses which deprive us against the general comforts, wealth and other materialistic things in life.

Hello VS, You are doing a great job by answering to the curiosity of so many people around the globe. We all are very thankful.

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I have following scenario to discuss. I would really appreciate if you spare some time and answer. For Capricorn sign born in D1 chart every planet is situated in 12th house counted from its position. Venus lord of 5 and 10th in 9th house. So 10th house in 9. So 9th house in 8th house. So 1st in 12th house. I have read some where 1st house lord in 12th dusthana is very bad. How should I interpret it. Is there any remedy to alleviate this? For example venus as karaka in 9th even though debilitated is still 5th and 10th lord in 9th and if shad bal of mercury is good and venus is not combust and more than 10 degrees away from its deepest fall at 27 degrees in virgo, then venus will actually give great results in 9th.

After all, that is what Jyoitsh means — guiding light, to make us beware of potential issues. VS, Can 2nd from the Moon be the maraka lord? Moon is the 7th maraka lord sitting in the 8th and the 9th lord would be 2nd from Moon. If true, Merc being an airy planet would point to an air accident and Maraka lord Moon in the 8th would obviously point to the suddenness. Since this happened in Moon dasa, does 7th lord in the 8th has no role at all?

Meaning, as a concept, maraka lord in the 8th.. Depositor of moon sits afflicted in 11th. VS, can Rahu in the 12th cause sudden death? If true, if it is also a maraka lord, does it make the probablilty higher? Mercury and Rahu are 2nd maraka lords. Rahu is 7th Aquarius maraka lord as well. Mars bombs, explosion is aspecting the 8th and that points to how he was assassinated. Moon is dark amavasya and near sun and jupiter causing both raj yoga as well as moon being dark and in a generic malefic sign leo and in a malefic nakshatra of ketu ketu is the most explosive of all planets and represents accidents and sudden death.

Sun and moon being lagna lords all sit in ketu nakshatra which sits in the malefic and violent sign of saturn in 6th bhaav of accidents. Vivek, re: your detailed analysis, you have analysed with respect to the lagna, the posited planets and their affects on Aquarius during the Rahu dasa. In addition: 1. Is the assumption that a transit at that time would have activated Ketu? Or may be you were pointing out the natal vulnerability in general? I was thinking, 12th to self is loss of it and Rahu posited there could trigger sudden events related to death during it MD.

If Sun is delibilated in the house of profession, during the MD is alright to donate wheat flour or jaggery to a needy person. Any other remedies you would advise. Thanks and regards,. In the said situation, donating jaggery is good. What remedy your would suggest for Sun or Moon or both which is lord of the 8th house Leo but sitting in 7th house Cancer sign along with Moon Combust. How can we interpret planet degrees in terms of strength?

Karakas In Vedic Astrology (Significators of Houses in Birth Chart)

For e. Also when we look at MD and AD, do we take the median point. Can you please share your thoughts. Since, avasthas of planets are based on actual degree and not bhaav madhya. Is it the stronger of the bhaav bala? Also if moon is say in 7th bhaav deeply exalted. Now venus can give laxmi in its own dasa or strong riches as its karaka of laxmi in laxmi sthana and will act as such. However if moon is weak and venus is placed there with say saturn which is also enmical sign and functional malefic, then this will bring early death of father or sickness to father and obstacles in destiny etc.

Vivek, according to BPHS, 12th lord in 12th means the person can be vengeful, irritable and will spend heavily. On the contrary, it is also Vimala yoga. Assuming no aspects on the 12th, what is your experience?

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Mercury is 12th lord, Saturn is a maraka lord.. No such generalization. Sir Can you please share your thoughts on Mars transit of May 02, to Capricorn for days. How the transit will affect the moon signs. Thanks and regards, Aditya. Generally Mars transit is good in 3, 6, 10 and 11th from moon and so good for Scorpio, Leo, Aries and Pisces signs However look at the SAV bindus of capricorn for a particular chart if 30 or more and specifically look at mars BAV bindus in capricorn.

Hello, do u not do astrological consultation? What if someone has been really bothered by the turn of events or non activity? Reply is awaited. I get over 50 requests in private everyday. In the comments section I mostly delete them. If someone I will provide readings, I will make everyone know the same. But also within the MDs of the planets placed in these houses. Usually good to have malefics here as opposed to benefics other than 11th where both are good. However if afflicted they will also give sickness and accidents or litigation. How does a benefic planet like mercury and venus give good results when placed in 8th house..

Dear VS, Not sure if this question can be answered briefly, but since you are in investment banking, you must have done in depth research on this topic. Can you please share which houses and planets play a role for a person becoming a successful investor — full time. Are there any typical combinations that a chart must have? Is Moon the karaka for investments? Thanks AJ. Mercury rules all sorts of business and money transcations. Stock markets are also ruled by Rahu as speculation comes in with ups and downs. Jupiter rules money in general and hence jupiter and mercury combination can be great of business not just conjunction or opposition but in each others sign etc.

Virgo is the most commercial sign of all the other sign of mercury — gemini is more communicative and educational than virgo which is more commercial and business oriented with seriousness. Thanks VS, So further to that, if i want to benefit by trading in copper futures, I will need to see if Mars copper , rahu speculation and mercury general business are well place in my chart and if they form a relationship? And Saturn earth , rahu and mercury for benefiting in agricultural commodities future trading, correct? However the caution is to not go too much into financial markets relying solely on astrology as jyotish was never meant to be utilized for this and infact Jyotish texts were written s of years before the 1st stock exchange or any financial product market opened.

I have a question about rating the dusthanas.. All three of them viz. Like asking out of lust or greed which is worse etc. In my experience the 6th is the worst astrologically as 6th is both an evil place and a dusthan 8th and 12th are neutral by definition. However they are blemished and hence the other house ownership as well as placement becomes vital and can save the situation. Hi vivek sir Does placement of planets in kendra houses give strength to a chart? By itself not good or bad, the chart has to be seen in totality. Hi…for virgo lagna planet saturn rules 5th and 6th house with mooltrikon in 6th house so for virgo lagna saturn will give more bad results compared to good..

VS, in general, does 8th lord do well in the 3rd? For a taurus lagna person , Mars becomes lord of 7th and 12th. If it is debilitated in Cancer and combust being along with Sun , is the marriage doomed to failure.

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Also if a dustana lord is weak, is that not good? Please help me to understand the logic behind this scenario. Being the co lord of 7th house, ketu will take over the effects of mars. Does the placement of Saturn in 4th house Taurus ensures foreign country settlement and even at the same time 12th lord is also Saturn? Sir, If a person has moon in the 3rd house of pisces and its 7th aspect is on 9th house which is not occupied by any other planet. Can the MD be productive or less troublesome. I have sun in Libra and jupiter in Taurus. The rasi swami is venus.

Only thing that can be said is that moon is very bright and near 4th bhaav and near exaltation and hence strong. Do they give reversals during their periods? Mercury Retro as 10th lord for Sagi asc.

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Please let me know if I am correct. Jupiter in 3rd MKS -vely impacts the bhaav. In addition, the planet is weakened and fails to fully protect the lorded houses. Hello VS: Jupiter in the 5th in own house may lead to lack of progeny. This is due to BKN. You are saying that bhaavo karaka naash is where the planet generally gives intense results. What is the intensity that causes no children? Please clarify. Hello VS: I can see 2nd house from the 5th house for values of children. So, if I am Taurus lagna, Budha becomes the first house of my children and I can see the strength of Venus and the 2nd house, arudha of the 2nd house etc.

And my question is related, but from a graha lagna angle. Just wanted to make sure. Hello VS: 8th lord in the 3rd is not a good bhavat Bhavam is it?

Death comes into the house of zeal, physical prowess etc. Dasha sandhi — a person begins to feel the good or bad effects of the upcoming MD a year in advance. Is it correct? Is this applicable in case of an ongoing AD — few weeks in advance you begin to feel the good or bad effects of the upcoming AD period. Chidra dasa or the last part of any dasa will always start to intermingle results and hence depending on the planets and their strengths etc, the effect will be strong or mild to be felt in the second case yes they will be to each other but if as per degrees.

So nothing completely generic can be claimed. And we are facing so much problem of her relationship issues… very young kids are there. So it is a big worry for me. Please suggest some upay. Thanks beiggy. Lord of 3rd sexual prowess Moon is in the seventh sexual habits and reasonably trinal to Guru. I have seen students who tend to only focus on the Ganit maths part become weak in the Phalit predictive part.

So maths is very important but without forgetting the bigger picture. As per your comments above, understand 6th lord is most malefic. My queries 1. Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Your place of birth is missing without which I can not draw the horoscope to predict on your education related question. Please mention your place of birth and ask your question more precisely and elaborately so that I can give you answer in a proper way. Unlike you many students have the same question when it comes to education and choosing the right career path accordingly.

In case of self-improvement matters which, if relates to our physical well-being, we already know many methods which works really great. To remain fit, you should eat right beside regular exercise etc.

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To improve physical stamina, you train your body to lift weights than it can normally. To advance your memory power, you get enough sound sleep etc. But when it comes to the question: what should you do to really improve and prosper in your career? Your mind becomes blank. It confuses you more when you see thousands of options are there to choose from. Here astrology helps you to do choose the right education for the right career.

Just see the 4th house, 4th house lord, Mercury, Moon and their connection with 10th house or its lord. There are some other ways to see that in horoscope, but this is the basic and easy procedure. If you do not want to reveal your personal details here publicly then you can take the help of the above article and the procedure I have mentioned in the comment…. Definitely, you can consult. At the time of booking please do not forget to mention everything in the given form so that I can analyze each and every part of your whole question.

If you have any doubt please do not hesitate to contact me through WhatsApp before booking….