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A planet was located e. The word occurs in the description of a comet of the name of Calaketu :. But then, why does Parasara mention both names? His words are as follows:. However, this star is far away from the other constellations touched by Calaketu. In any case, it is clear that Garga did not think of a zodiac sign either, but of a star or constellation.

Now let's get back to the verse MBh 6. The question arises whether MBh 6. Comets also sometimes have a reddish dust tail, and comets are also mentioned in other places in the epic. They run over the whole sky when a slaughter of people takes place. But this is only a possibility. The translation of the verse I gave in the beginning works perfectly for a planet, too. Abhijit or Lyra. In the original text, however, the zodiac is never mentioned. One of these instances is the following:.

First, the word is plural. Second, there are texts in which the word refers to the divinatory interpretation of animal behaviour. And fifth, as has been said already, the signs of the zodiac are conspicuous by absence in the epic, whereas lunar mansions are mentioned countless times. Trenckner , S. In these passages is reported 1 where the planets were located in the lunar mansions not the zodiac signs are and that eclipses occurred. Both types of phenomena, i. This is a sign of victory for them. All animals make a circumambulation to the left about Duryodhana, and there are incorporeal voices.

This is a sign of defeat. One walks around a person or an object of respect in such a way that the same is located to the right of circumambulator. A circumambulation in the opposite direction obviously expresses disrespect. I would interpret the text as follows: Animals are afraid of troops and try to avoid them in a circular movement. This movement can go to the right or to the left, and this is interpreted as an omen. In MBh 1. One verse also talks about spokes, which can be explained by the number of days and nights in an ideal day year.

It is interesting, that it is the Asvins who act as the creators of the year. However, no sign of the zodiac, let alone the zodiac itself, is mentioned. There is no proof that these were already known to the author. There is talk only of the twelve months.

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Seekers of truth following different routes, draw the milk of true knowledge with its help. Ye Aswins, ye are the creators of that calf! G: The year is but the nave of a wheel to which is attached seven hundred and twenty spokes representing as many days and nights.

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G: The circumference of this wheel represented by twelve months is without end. This wheel is full of delusions and knows no deterioration. It affects all creatures whether to this or of the other worlds. Ye Aswins, this wheel of time is set in motion by you! G: The wheel of Time as represented by the year has a nave represented by the six seasons. The number of spokes attached to that nave is twelve as represented by the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

This wheel of Time manifests the fruits of the acts of all things. In the text itself, they are not mentioned. Ye two, do not become exhausted! G: The presiding deities of Time abide in that wheel. Subject as I am to its distressful influence, ye Aswins, liberate me from that wheel of Time. However, this verse is not included in the critical edition and most probably not authentic. Vaidya, Oriental Institute Baroda India , After reaching the sign of Cancer, he makes his southward course. This is the equality of day and night.

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Sudhindra Kumar. Unfortunately, the Sanskrit text is full of orthographical mistakes. I read verse 1. Capricorn, one must know, is the winter solstice. All these wrong datings were refuted by T. Kuppanna Sastry in: Collected Papers on Jyotisha , pp. Dikshit, History of Indian Astronomy , part I, p. Darshaney Lokesh and T. This tradition survived for a very long time, even far beyond its astronomical validity. The parameters of the ephemeris calculation and the underlying astronomical observations must therefore originate from this epoch. Sphujidhvaja used a tropical ephemeris.

Ikonographie eines Helden. Epic and Iconography , p. Papke, Die Sterne von Babylon , p. Watanabe, Animal Symbolism in Mesopotamia , p. APIN i iv , p. Eratosthenes, Epitome This theme is also found in Mithraic tauroctonies. The blood that flows from the neck of the Bull has the appearance of corn ears. The episode is described by Apollodorus, Bibliothek II. The astronomical background of the episode is obvious from the fact that the constellation of Cancer is located immediately above the head of the constellation Hydra. Eratosthenes confirms the astronomical background of the myth, too.

Epitome During this time, they invisibly wander, as it were, through a cave in the earth from west to east. This is supported by the parapegma of Geminus, which gives us detailed information on Euctemon's parapegma; furthermore by the fact that the cuneiform text Epinnu mul. We cannot be sure about it, though. Some experts D. Lehoux, R. Hannah think that Euctemon did not structure the year in zodiacal months and that it was Geminus who fitted Euctemon's data into his own scheme of zodiacal months. What is certain, however, is that Euctemon mentioned the morning setting of the first stars of the scorpion two days before the spring equinox.

Lehoux, p. Geminus himself lived in the 1st century BCE. Also to be mentioned is Payprus Hibeh 27, an Egyptian papyrus in Greek language written about BCE; moreover the two stone fragments of a parapegma from the 2nd century BCE excavated in Miletus and the papyrus fragment Rylands All these sources know the zodiac of 12 equal signs.

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Original sources and interpretation can be found in: D. After a careful study of the works of Aratus 3rd cent. BCE and Eudoxus 4th cent. Thus it seems that Eudoxus in the 4th century BCE already knew equal zodiac signs. An interesting phenomenon that must not be suppressed here, is the Indian parapegmatist Callaneus, quoted in one of the two fragments from Miletus next to Euctemon, Eudoxus, Philippus and others.

Interestingly, the Indian tradition does not know of an author of that name. Since apparently he wrote a Greek style parapegma and comparable works from India are not known, we must assume that he was a Hellenised Indian. In Hellenistic times, Egyptian and Babylonian scholars also wrote Greek works.

Lehoux, cited above, pp. However, this is impossible. The last chapter, which treats astronomical calculations, begins with the following introduction The chapter ends with the following statement according to B. Among them, this science of astrology is properly or: in its completeness established. How much more a Brahmin who knows the fate! The word yavana is derived from the name of the Ionians , a Greek people that originally lived in western Anatolia.

My opponents stubbornly refuse to take note of this source. As these peoples were militarily relevant powers only in the Hellenistic period, it is clear that those verses must have been written in the Hellenistic period. But then it is also obvious that the Yavanas must have been the Greeks. Some sample verses:. Antioch and Rome and the city of the Yavanas. The text itself says that these terms originate from the language of the Yavanas.

Hence there cannot be any doubt that the Yavanas could only have been Greek-speaking people. It can also be considered as the waterless netherworld, as the place of house and family and as the place of growth. This is the threefold designation based on the ascendant. They have different guises and various forms. I shall describe them with all their characteristics like gender etc.

These Greek terms in Sanskrit texts provoke fierce resistance among Indian astrologers, as if the honor of the the whole Vedic culture were at stake. Some of them declare against all reason that these terms are not Greek, but Sanskrit, and the Greeks took them over from the Indians. In addition, it is a telling fact that krios was the common Greek word for the male sheep or ram since ancient times Homer, Odyssey 9.

However his text edition and translation are partly incorrect. Shukla proposed a year length of See Shukla, K. The arguments for my solution of , days are as follows. The following objections must be made, though:. The number of days in a yuga of days is given in the following verse:. The text is unfortunately corrupt.

I do not see any other solution that works grammatically and is in agreement with the verse metre and also gives a plausible year length.

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This results in a month length of Pingree gives a different translation of the thirds and forths, but the error is minimal. Another confirmation is found in verse 34, which explicitly mentions the length of the year:. From this, he derives a tropical year length of I thank Martin Gansten for this proposal. The resulting year length is The text reads as follows my translation significantly deviates from other ones in some places :. This is stated by old scientific works. Note: The half-year beginning with the winter solstice was apparently associated with north and east, the other half with south and west.

Besides, even in later works of Hindu sidereal astrology, the ascendant is calculated from the tropical Sun and tropical rising times of the zodiac signs and then converted to the sidereal zodiac. However, in my opinion, this interpretation is incorrect. It reads as follows:. The other half that begins with Libra and ends with Pisces has southern declination. And because of the sun there are the two halves of the ecliptic circle, because the Earth's shadow observable in lunar eclipses wanders on that circle. The tropical Sun is needed later verse 24 for the correct calculation of the ascendant.

However, we cannot be completely sure that he really made this subtraction, because he does not explicitly mention this last calculation step. Maybe he used the tropical ascendant. Of course, other astrologers who used the same method, were not tropicalists either, but siderealists. An interesting detail: Burgess points out that according to verse 3. The wording is really strange because it produces the impression that the vernal equinox, and therefore the tropical zodiac, is the absolute reference system. It is therefore extremely unlikely that the dating of Kaliyuga to 18 February BC be based on a genuine tradition.

If this planetary theory and the zero date 18 February BC are used to calculate planetary positions, one gets pretty good results for the period around AD and several centuries before and after that; however, increasingly inaccurate results for dates that are further away from this era. Calendar Reform Committee Report. Hence, the star is currently almost one arc minute before the zero point of sidereal Libra. The change in position of the star is partly due to its own motion. Forum rules. The reading seemed pretty accurate, but I'm apprehensive about using Hindu means to remove my obstacles.

Would doing such a thing contradict my refuge vows? My first thought is yes, but sometimes I read things on Buddhist forums that say it's okay to worship Ganesha and the like as long as you don't take refuge in him. What do you think about this, and what is your opinion in general about the usefulness of Vedic astrology for a Buddhist? Re: Attitudes toward vedic astrology? There's no canon, so astrologers generally pick and choose. Nothing wrong with a visit.

Just check your motivation. People will know nothing and everything Remember nothing and everything Think nothing and everything Do nothing and everything - Machig Labdron. Wish I'd come here 30 years ago. It's always worthwhile employing a "second set of eyes. I'm one who astrologically whitens my own teeth, pull a molar or two and cut my own hair - and a bit of dyslexia serves me well with that mirror image.

I know there are a hundred astrologers out there who'd give me new and interesting perspectives, but I can meditate on my own aspects, solar arcs and progressions indefinitely. I get the luxury of spending far more than an hour on all that dentistry and "barbery. Today again asked a good question. Participation in the E-News - interesting and useful deal, because it promotes my professional development. Every time I think about the answer, I ask myself different questions that help me to highlight the issue from different angles. Participation in the E-News broadens my horizons.

Yes, I am asking for help to my fellow astrologers. I appeal to those astrologers, with whom I have a trusting relationship. They help me and I help them. How often I turn to other astrologers for help? As necessary. Sometimes I ask the question about my horoscope.

Sometimes I ask the question at the precarious situation at the time of consultation. Why am I doing this? A fresh look of my colleague at the problem gives a clearer and accurate understanding of the issue. Each astrologer has your vision and understanding of the horoscope, the understanding of the planets. A look another astrologer on the horoscope helps me to understand more fully the question that concerns me. Astrologer needs to communicate with other astrologers. Otherwise, in our profession will come a situation, that contributes to the degradation of our profession.

If the astrologer would not seek the help of other astrologers, we will get the vacuum the existence of distinct personality and the lopsided development of astrology. I believe that everyone should have a head on his shoulders. The astrologer should be held accountable for their words. Advice and assistance to colleagues is sometimes necessary, but do not abuse it. Luckily, I have a small group of colleagues, who are good friends, who I dinner with regularly, and we talk about our challenging transits, interesting progressions, the effect of the eclipses, and on and on, and that provides an objectivity on what's going on in each of our lives, some new perspectives or angles on things, and certainly, the best of what a good astrology reading offers, but for the convenience and price of dinner and the intimacy of good collegial friendship.

It's not an ideal solution, but in reality, it works well. Unfortunately, I have never been able to attend an OPA retreat due to my schedule with clients, but I assume that something similar is provided there for us. In challenging times, it helps me to reduce my subjectivity, see the bigger picture and take advantage of growth opportunities that I may not have been aware of.

In addition to seeing my horoscope through fresher eyes, I also get to see other astrologers in action: observe how they work, probe their thinking processes, and understand their methodologies. Chris Arlan Wise Yes, I go to other astrologers. I find it a valuable experience for a number of reasons. For one, you hear from another astrologer what you don't see in your own chart. We all have blind spots and someone else can see right through them. There is also the "fear factor" as discussed in a previous Enews. An upcoming transit can be perceived as scary, as it seems to be a part of human nature to see the worst.

Someone else will remind you of all the good things that transit can bring.

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It is also important to sit on the other side of the desk to remind you what your clients are feelings when you are the astrologer doing the reading. I often use readings from other astrologers as lessons. When I was studying Vedic, I had many readings from Vedic astrologers and I asked a lot of questions. I saw those readings as private lessons. I found Gary Christian's Uranian reading amazing in it's detail and that he saw things about me that no other astrologer had ever mentioned.

I recently had a reading with Hal Bahr to learn what Human Design is like and how it meshes with what I know about my chart. Yes, I see it as a good thing to keep getting readings from other astrologers. Arlan Alexandra Karacostas I consult with other astrologers both casually and professionally. I feel fortunate that I am amidst many excellent astrologers who are also friends. It is such a treat to invite their opinions on certain matters, listen to feedback and get exposed to another way of perceiving what is going on in a chart.

Occasionally, I get professional readings for myself, but also for family members who are interested. When it comes to certain issues, I am not the best person for my family member to consult with. So, I suggest other skilled astrologers with wonderful results all around.

There have been years in the past when I did not seek consultations, but that seems to go in cycles. The last couple of years I have had several personal consultations. I'm so lucky to know many exceptional astrologers, all with a different twist. Best way to learn how a colleague works is to get a reading from them! Well worth it and very insightful. We all have something unique and special to offer.

Well, almost all of us….. And I do go to the hairdresser, too! Alexandra Dvora Weil I must admit that for many years I refrained from consulting with astrologers, or astrology.